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Is there a moment in my game worth sharing?

David Perry offers a key question for devs in the future, reflects on his path from free-to-play to streaming

Yapp joins Gaikai

New VP of biz dev Careen Yapp tasked with acquiring content for future Sony cloud services

Gaikai sued by T5 Labs

Game streaming companies going to court over patent rights

Gaikai: The cloud, hardware manufacturers and COD

CEO David Perry on how cloud gaming makes big games relevant to the TV makers

Sony purchase of Gaikai validates cloud gaming says OnLive

OnLive, however, doesn't see the value in being acquired itself as it may limit the number of devices it could reach

Gaikai deal with Sony "opens a lot of doors" says David Perry

Perry believes publishers will be very pleasantly surprised by benefits of Gaikai sale to Sony

Benchmark's Mitch Lasky: The value of publishers "isn't clear"

The investment partner looks into changes in publishing and the mobile market

David Perry on selling Shiny: "Worst mistake I ever made"

The Shiny Entertainment founder looks back with regret on selling the studio to Interplay

Western gamers have had "little exposure" to cloud gaming

Survey finds that users unaware of services, but interests rise once educated

Sony's Gaikai plans go beyond games

SCE's House says plans for other products "absolutely within the frame"

Sony acquisition of Gaikai: "A genius move"

Analysts weigh in on the purchase and a PS4 powered by Gaikai, but don't expect Microsoft to purchase OnLive

Sony and Gaikai: The Cloud's Silver Lining

What has Sony bought for its $380 million, and what does it mean for its competitors?

Sony acquires Gaikai for $380 million

SCE splashes out on cloud gaming service

Perry: Which company wouldn't want to partner or own a company like Gaikai?

Gaikai CEO says raising money for cloud gaming "isn't a problem"

Gaikai looking for a buyer

The cloud-streaming service will serve itself up to the tune of $500 million

Machinima content comes to Gaikai

Video content provider looks to expand its reach

Samsung enters gaming space backed by Gaikai

Electronics giant reveals Samsung Cloud Gaming, beta for early adopters this July

Nvidia, Gaikai partner with Meteor to broaden Hawken launch

Gaikai also will upgrade all of its data centers to run on Nvidia's new Kepler architecture

Gaikai partners with Wikipad tablet

Glasses free 3D iPad rival to come with detachable controller

Gaikai launches Facebook app beta

Game streaming service brings 7 titles to social network


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