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Gaijin Entertainment is a fast growing game development company established in 2002. Gaijin team specializes in creation of games for various platforms (PS3/PC/Xbox 360/iOS) but it also gives much attention to technology-related research work which provides attraction and applicability to the company's solutions in changeable IT market conditions. At the moment Gaijin team is represented by six departments and over sixty highly qualified employees. The company's projects have received a range of mass media and game industry awards including a few KRI Awards as «Best simulator for next-gen consoles» (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey / PS3, X-box 360), «Best technologies» for Dagor Engine™, «Best sound» and many more.

Today's Gaijin Entertainment is the biggest independent PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS games developer in Russia and an official partner of Activision, 505 Games, Microsoft, Intel, TopWare Interactive, SouthPeak Interactive, Sony Computer Entertainment, 1C Company, Apple, Cenega, Iceberg Interactive and many others.

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  • 2, Eniseyskaya str.
  • Moscow
  • 129344
  • Russian Federation

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Office details

  • Russian Federation

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