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$60+ for a game is an “unfair price,” G2A study finds

41% of the respondents said younger players were being "outpriced by gaming"

G2A and Wube Software settle $40,000 chargeback dispute

Factorio developer "satisfied with the results" after marketplace operators conduct internal audit

Subnautica dev demands G2A pay $300,000 to cover lost chargebacks

Studio calls for controversial marketplace to honour its offer of 10x compensation

Only 19 developers have called for G2A's key blocking tool

But divisive marketplace has offered an extension for more people to register interest

Wube Software takes up G2A on offer to pay back ten times its chargeback fees

Studio has racked up $6,600 in chargebacks for Factorio, also encourages players to pirate rather than buy via G2A

The Podcast: How do you solve a problem like G2A?

Latest episode available to download now, discusses indie backlash against the divisive site -- plus the Nintendo Switch Lite

G2A proposes key-blocking tool

But controversial marketplace wants at least 100 developers to register interest before it begins development

G2A image rehabilitation effort backfires

Platform says employee approached 10 sites to run undisclosed sponsored post, says it was unauthorized, "absolutely unacceptable"

G2A: "It's a good thing that people can re-sell keys"

Marketplace says it aims to present a solution to current controversy later this week

No More Robots petition demands G2A drop all indie games

Mike Rose claims retailer is "lying" about his lack of contact, and low sales of Descenders via its marketplace "isn't the fucking point"

G2A: "We want to finally stop the accusations"

Divisive marketplace addresses developer complaints after indies called for players to pirate games rather than purchase from G2A

Developers call for players to pirate their games rather than buy from G2A

Studio and publisher behind Descenders decry controversial retailer's sponsored ads, Rami Ismail backs them up

G2A developer studio spins out as Monrad Rock

Team goes independent and launching first title this month, will work with G2A on future projects

G2A receives Business Insider innovation award

Controversial retailer recognised for “new and unconventional methods” to grow company

G2A: "We're not a grey marketplace, people just don't understand our business"

It is the video games industry vs G2A at Reboot Develop

Gearbox severs ties with G2A over fraud backlash

[UPDATE]: Bulletstorm deal falls apart as reseller fails to comply with developer's ultimatum to change how it does business


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