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David Braben: "Physical games will go away in two to three years"

Frontier CEO says investors see games industry as a "safe haven" during recession at today's Investment Summit Online

New Frontiers: From self-published to third-party publisher | Investment Summit Online

The GI Investment Summit Online kicks off with an interview with Frontier Developments CEO David Braben OBE

Frontier signs first deal as third-party publisher

A new project from Surviving Mars developer Haemimont Games will be the first signed to the Frontier Publishing label

Frontier cuts staff as it refocuses development in UK

Halifax, Nova Scotia studio roles shifted to Cambridge

Braben launches Elite Kickstarter

Elite: Dangerous looking for 1,250,000 in funding

Govt relief will increase tax take for UK - Braben

Senior recruitment may prove harder with new tax break measures, says Frontier boss


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