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Frogwares postpones Sherlock Holmes "indefinitely" on Xbox One due to war in Ukraine

"To say that the war made an impact on us is probably the understatement of the decade," the studio said

Nacon accuses Frogwares of "sabotaging our investments" in The Sinking City

Publisher asserts it has contractual rights to Steam version, and that the developer has no reason to block sales

Frogwares issues DMCA takedown to remove The Sinking City from Steam

The studio asked for its own game to be removed from the store following its ongoing dispute with publisher Nacon

Nacon blames Frogwares for feature-lacking Steam version of The Sinking City

The publisher of the Lovecraftian mystery game airs out its grievances after developer advises users not to purchase its current Steam version

The Sinking City returns to stores as Nacon wins first decision in legal dispute

Paris Court of Appeal rules Frogwares acted unlawfully when it pulled game over allegedly owed royalties

The Sinking City pulled from stores amid legal dispute

Developer Frogwares accuses publisher Nacon of missing payments, holding €1 million in royalties and claiming IP rights

After 20 years, Frogwares leaps fully into self-publishing

CEO Wael Amr on why falling out with Focus Home Interactive was proof of the need for self-reliance, not the catalyst

Frogwares games pulled after split with Focus Home Interactive

Sherlock Holmes studio says publisher has refused to transfer store listings to it, leaving some games permanently unavailable

The cathartic expression of shared cultural trauma in The Sinking City

Wael Amr and Sergey Oganesyan discuss how the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 informed the cosmic horror underpinnings of Frogwares' latest game

The secret success of the Sherlock Holmes video games

The TV and movie franchises may take all the headlines, but Frogware's Sherlock Holmes series has now shifted over 7m units and it's growing

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