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Americans spending more time than ever on smartphones, but gaming time is falling

Shrinking share of screen time attributed to stagnation, eSports and the unwillingness to grind

Women spend the most time and money on mobile games

Flurry report shows women make 31% more in-app purchases than men

Yahoo buys Flurry

Popular mobile analytics service will continue to operate as normal

Tablets used mostly for gaming

New study from Flurry gives detailed picture of mobile usage

Flurry study names ads as fastest growing mobile revenue sector

Overall revenue curve is flattening as market wealth settles more evenly

Amazon trounces Google Play in Android app revenue

Flurry data indicates average revenue per user more than three times that of Google's own marketplace

China now leads the world in iOS and Android activations

Rapid growth pushes China past the US and into the top-spot for the first time

Rovio leads record-breaking holiday downloads

6.5 million Angry Birds downloads on Xmas Day, holiday downloads pass 1 billion

Smartphones take 58 per cent of portable gaming revenue

New US study suggests Sony PSP only accounts for 6 per cent ahead of Vita release


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