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About Us: Fireproof Studios was formed by the leads of the multi-award winning art team that designed and built worlds for BLACK and the tracks for Burnout 3, Burnout Revenge and Burnout Paradise. Vision: A newly formed art studio specialising in 'Creative Outsourcing' of environments and assets, Fireproof Studios was formed to apply our years of gaming nous and industry leading art development to working with teams that expect a bit more from the hired help. Simply, we believe our talent lies in collaboration and co-development of artwork that makes a difference. We actively seek out work that most developers would always do in-house, and most outsourcers would never want to do. You know, the hard bits that matter :)

We are firmly committed to a vision of games development that sees developers corralling serious experts, whether in-house or out, and putting them together to execute high value, high quality gaming gems.

Years spent at the coalface of putting together famously playable games has produced an art team that are very concious about the gaming aspect of the artwork they create and are highly quality focused. Due to our gaming background we are highly concious of Art Style, collaboration, the value of iteration, memory budgets, visual impact and quality of finish.

In short, we speak developer talk too!

At Fireproof we offer a scalable '360 degrees' of coverage in the creation and execution of games environments. We are highly tested practitioners in all stages of artwork creation, from consultation and concepting of designs & gameplay to execution and finish of complete worlds. We offer professional expertise in the following stages:

* Research & Pre-visualization
* Environment Whiteboxing
* Environmental gameplay design and implementation
* World modelling
* Texturing
* Game Asset Creation
* Lighting
* Post Production

Furthermore, all of the above services are offered in the context of the following strengths:

Technical proficiency: We are also among the most technically minded, platform-aware teams in the Industry. We have spent years working to squeeze every last polygon of its visual worth on last and current-gen platforms and so can produce fantastic results in limited budgets. Hardcore pre-design and optimisation of unwieldy environments is second nature to us - we love tight budgets :)

Quality of execution: We are an award-winning team used to working in the top-tier of the industry producing world-wide hits, with all the pressures that entails and the experience that provides!

Design led creation: We do not build artwork or worlds in isolation, context free. We know that every polygon has a purpose and that if it's not adding to the game, you don't put it in. We are a team furiously practised at producing work that serves the gaming objective first and foremost whilst also making the Art Director deliriously happy! We have spent years designing gameplay on our tracks and view the player experience as an indispensable element of the work we do.


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