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Father of computer gaming speaks up about his name being on boxes, also says devs should take responsibility for the messages their games send

Giving Away the Keys

XCOM 2 lead programmer Ryan Fell on working with day one mods

XCOM 2 delayed until 2016

"We just need a little more time to make it the best possible game"

Sid Meier: Game designers should create a "positive climate"

Civ designer says that developers don't need to make violent games to get attention anymore

First ever "Firaxicon" detailed

Event features previews, panels and Sid Meier

Sid Meier: We must not forget the value of the core gamer

Sid Meier is going mobile, but not casual - we talk to him about the evolving gaming landscape and how he's adapting his strategy

Sid Meier goes mobile with Ace Patrol

The veteran designer behind the Civ franchise is bringing a new air-combat strategy IP to iOS

Soren Johnson joins Stardock "at least for a while"

Civ IV lead designer to oversee all game projects at PC specialist

XCOM's PC version "a big deal" for Firaxis

The PC version of the new version of the old PC classic is important for the new developer

The Sid Meier Advantage

The Civ designer talks about the advantage of being a veteran game maker and understanding gameplay as a psychological experience

Civilization IV becomes first Grammy-winning game

Re-release of title track Baba Yetu takes music award

Meier to present keynote at GDC 2010

Legendary developer to explore the psychology of game design

Civilization comes to Facebook

Sid Meier brings classic strategy to social networking site

GDC: Meier's "golden age" of gaming

Firaxis supremo Sid Meier admitted at the Game Developers Conference on Wednesday that he believes the industry is in the midst of a "golden age" of gaming - but that his workload doesn't allow him to play other strategy games.

Civilization for Wii on indefinite hold

2K Games has announced that the Wii version of Civilization Revolution has been put on hold indefinitely.

Meier to receive lifetime achievement award

CMP's 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards announced that it will honour developer Sid Meier with a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's ceremony

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  • 11350 McCormick Road, Executive Plaza 3, 11th Floor
  • Hunt Valley
  • Maryland
  • 21031
  • United States

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