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Android cost-per-install down in July

Fiksu finds acquisition price on Google's OS continues decline, nears parity with modestly rising iOS CPI

CPI continues to climb on iOS and Android

Fiksu data shows iOS climbing faster, but remains the most cost-effective platform

Android CPI well above iOS, rising 72% since March

iOS cost drop to $1.32 after peak in April, Android now $1.82

Mobile marketing costs continue to rise exponentially

User acquisition and retention has never been so expensive, says Fiksu

Mobile user acquisition cost exceeds $3 for first time - Fiksu

Mobile marketing firm notes the "relentless growth" is reflective of larger trend of rising costs on mobile

iOS CPI up 49% in March as Android declines - Fiksu

"iOS games marketers have jumped back into the fray a bit quicker than their Android counterparts"

Android CPI back above iOS

Both platforms hover around $1, but Android cost has halved in a year

Mobile Game Marketing in 2015

How big brands, retargeting, programmatic buying and more will change the landscape

CPI for Android and iOS diverges again

iOS down, Android up in November as iPhone launch rush calms

Report: iPhone 6 pushed app downloads to record levels in October

Top 200 iOS apps downloaded 7.8m times per day, says Fiksu

Fiksu analysis shows Android and iOS CPI still converging

iOS costs up 25% YoY as Android drops by same amount

Life is Short (for Mobile Games)

Fiksu's Benjamin Hansz offers some advice on sustainability in a market of throw-away success

Fiksu sees mobile CPI increasing

Incentivised installations still important for Apple platforms


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