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Ex-Factor 5 staff form social games studio

Julian Eggebrecht and other veterans set up TouchFactor in Marin County

Factor 5 US closes doors

Developer blames bankruptcy of failed publisher Brash Entertainment

Brash signs development deal with Factor 5

Brash Entertainment has announced a multiiple game development deal with Factor 5

GCDC: Ratings board doesn't take games seriously - Eggebrecht

Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht has said that games are facing censorship because the ESRB doesn't accept them as art, while encouraging developers to include more sex in games

Molyneux and Eggebrecht to address GCDC

GCDC announced that Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 will give the opening keynote speech at this year's conference in Leipzig, with Peter Molyneux planning to give a retrospective on classic games from Lionhead Studios.

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  • 101 Lucas Valley Rd., Suite 300
  • San Rafael
  • California
  • 94903
  • United States

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