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Evolution Studios was acquired by SCEE in 2008

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Onrush struggles lead to Evolution layoffs

Driveclub director Paul Pustchynsky among those who have been made redundant as Codemasters "decapitates" studio

Onrush: The shooter-inspired racer that saved the Evolution team

Two years on from Sony's shock decision to close the Driveclub developer, the team is back with a title that aims to reinvent the genre

Evolution Studios joins Codemasters, Hocking becomes VP of product

Landmark deal sees ex-Sony team join Codies to form "UK racing powerhouse"

Sony confirms closure of Evolution Studios

DriveClub studio is unfortunately no more

Evolution's DriveClub passes 2m sales

"This figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition"

Sony's Evolution confirms layoffs

Update: Sources say 55 people cut at DriveClub studio

SCEA CEO defends Driveclub's online performance

"It's throwing up things they had not anticipated"

DriveClub delayed for PS Plus

The game has been suffering from server issues and Evolution is holding back the release of the PS Plus version as a result

Sony confirms Driveclub delay

Evolution Studios' launch title now due "early 2014"

Sony paid 16 million for Evolution Studios

Sony's acquisition of MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios and its PSP satellite Bigbig Studios cost the company 16 million (EUR 22.9m / USD 32.6m).

Evolution wants to "dominate" racing

Evolution Studios, the developer behind the European PlayStation 3 launch title Motorstorm, has said that it wants to "dominate reaction racing for a long time".

Sony acquires MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios

Sony has acquired MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios along with Pursuit Force subsidiary Bigbig Studios.

London Game Career Fair back for 2007

The London Game Career Fair will be returning this year, following a successful inaugural event last year attended by over 1000 people.

Evolution scores European number one with Motorstorm

Having already achieved number one positions in the US and Japanese software sales charts, PlayStation 3 exclusive Motorstorm has also secured the top spot in Europe.

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