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ESRB launches Spanish-language hub

"¡Vamos a Jugar!" (let's play) to offer guides to parental controls, age ratings and more for Spanish-speaking parents and guardians

ESRB intros new label for loot boxes

"In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)" designation created in response to concerns of players, not parents

ESRB dropping short form ratings for digital games in June

Developers will still be able to get rated at no cost via IARC

Hooked on loot boxes

The industry's push for engagement at all costs is ready to backfire as it misunderstands the concern over a controversial mechanic

ESRB responds to loot box controversy with in-game purchase label

Rating board to add new indicator on physical games when players can spend money from within the game

Senator calls on ESRB to re-consider loot boxes

New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan says "at minimum" the ratings system should note when games employ the contentious business model

Loot boxes aren't gambling - ESRB

UPDATE: European ratings board PEGI says it's gambling commissions responsibilities to define loot box rules

Anti-tobacco group takes games to task

Truth Initiative calls for tobacco use to trigger an automatic M rating from ESRB and for devs to stop featuring it in games kids play

Why is the Grand Theft Auto CEO also chairman of the ESRB?

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick's role undermines the perceived independence crucial to the US ratings board's legitimacy

The ESRB: Twenty Years of Sex and Violence

President Patricia Vance on rating board's first two decades, Hot Coffee as a highlight, and the challenges ahead

ESRB expands mobile app privacy program

Rating board rolls out new seal of approval for mobile offerings that comply with privacy best practices

Wartune advertising runs afoul of ESRB

Free-to-play online game uses Adults Only rating as selling point, even though it's never been rated at all

Game retailers most effective at carding minors

FTC secret shopper report says it's still harder for US minors to buy M-rated games than R-rated movies or explicit music

ESRB relaxes age gate rules

US rating board now allows clean trailers for M-rated games to be viewed without entering birthdate

ESRB: We help "protect creative freedom"

Patricia Vance talks about fighting the image of being a "censor" and outlines the benefits of ESRB's new automatic rating tool

ESRB awareness may be maxed out

Ratings system to continue outreach and education efforts despite plateaued 85% awareness among parents

ESRB rolls out no-cost ratings for downloadable games

Questionnaire-based assessments of digitally distributed titles also include online privacy descriptors

Verizon integrates ESRB ratings into Verizon Apps store

The CTIA mobile rating system helps parents choose the right apps

Apple and Google ignore ESRB ratings

Two largest app stores opt out of US age-rating system

US parents want universal ratings says study

Current certification system for games and media confusing and inaccurate


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