En Masse Entertainment

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Tera publisher En Masse Entertainment shutting down

US publishing firm and sister company to PUBG Corp was first founded over 11 years ago

En Masse Entertainment lays off devs

Tera developer confirms cuts but will continue supporting its own games, publishing those of others

TERA crosses 1.4 million after F2P switch

En Masse's MMO benefits from the free-to-play change

TERA adds free-to-play options

TERA: Rising opens the action-MMO to the thrifty

TERA publisher promotes publishing VP to CEO

En Masse sees three key changes at the executive level

TERA goes free-to-play in Japan and Korea

MMO will remain subscription-based in North America and Europe

Tera lawsuit settled between En Masse/NCsoft

En Masse will continue to provide Tera unimpeded

TERA publisher hit with layoffs

En Masse Entertainment has cut an undisclosed number of employees

NCsoft says Bluehole Studio stole assets for TERA

Update: En Masse vice president of publishing Chris Lee responds, "outright rejects" claims


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