Electric Tophat

Electric TopHat are a small software developer based in Dundee, Scotland.

The company was originally formed by Bert McDowell when he left Realtime Worlds in November 2008 after working on Crackdown and Project: MyWorld.

Bert wanted to be independent so he formed Electric TopHat with the help of some his friends and now works with the new members of the team to create wonderful and fun software that everyone in the world can enjoy!

Sam Philips & Tahir (Tardie) Rashid joined Electric TopHat in August 2010 after Realtime Worlds went into administration and filled the much needed Design & Art roles.

Sam worked on Project: MyWorld as Senior Designer creating lots of fun stuff . He is now very busy creating designs for Electric TopHat.

Tardie worked with the double BAFTA award winning team that created Crackdown as senior artist which was released in 2007 on XBOX360.

He was also Lead Artist on Project: MyWorld for a few years before joining Electric TopHat.

Tardie looks after all the art for Electric TopHat on its new adventure in creating fun interactive software!

So please check back for updates as we will be announcing our new products soon.


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