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The EGDF and ISFE share their commitment to keep doing better

EGDF adds Serbian Games Association as its latest member

European Games Developer Federation now has 19 associations in its ranks

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Dubrovnik conference will host developer association's Spring General Assembly

The future of the European games industry is written in the telecom regulations

Jari-Pekka Kaleva examines the impact of EU negotiations

Pokémon Go is just the beginning of an absurd copyright struggle in AR

The EGDF's Jari-Pekka Kaleva anticipates a major legal hurdle

"I feel perfectly confident that the right people will take over"

Quantic Dream's Guillaume De Fondaumiere on retirement from the EGDF

Guillaume de Fondaumiere

The EGDF chairman explains why he thinks developers should have a say in the PEGI process

EGDF chases place on PEGI board

Developers need to "take some responsibility" on ratings, says Quantic Dream's de Fondaumiere

Cultural test for games "a problem" - EGDF

Euro association insists tax breaks are an investment opportunity, but 'cultural tests' are an extra barrier for developers

Guillaume de Fondaumiere - Part One

The Quantic Dream co-CEO talks tax breaks - and why the cultural test should only be the first step

GDC Europe partners with EGDF

European developer body to offer members a discount for Cologne event

Quantic Dream boss takes EGDF chair

Guillaume de Fondaumiere outlines three key issues to tackle in Europe

EGDF announces Games Summit 08

New event to examine economic effects of industry in Europe

Media companies threatening online game sales - EGDF

Euro developers group also slams ELSPA for failing to help protect against piracy


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