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PC second only to mobile for gaming in the US - EEDAR

Industry tracking group's survey says 52% of gamers play on PC, compared to 43% on consoles, just 9% on handhelds

Share, Stream, and Show - How today's teens interact with mobile games

EEDAR head of consumer research Heather Nofziger looks at how developers can appeal to the younger set without alienating older audiences

Digital Storefront report: "Never discount less than 40%"

Don't be concerned about diminishing returns and always promote aggressively, says EEDAR

EA dominates E3 Twitch streaming - EEDAR

The EA Play schedule paid off, factoring in consumers and global markets, says EEDAR VP of Insights, Patrick Walker

Report: Just 6% of US mobile gamers provide 51% of revenue

EEDAR study also says core gamers shouldn't be target demographic

EEDAR appoints new CEO

Robert Liguori promoted from COO

Next-gen is "a better marketplace" - EEDAR

EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin shares observations on how the new consoles compare to the last generation

Reviews matter most early in console cycle - EEDAR

Firm finds correlation between sales and scores weakens as consoles age, says early adopters apply more due diligence

Number of devs switching solely to mobile "frightening," says Divnich

EEDAR analyst expects 11 million consumers to transition to next-gen consoles by 2014, says devs need to take advantage

EEDAR: Strong multiplayer is key to mobile success

Research firm launches a new suite of products to help mobile/social devs optimize games; we discuss the market with Jesse Divnich

Sony "wise" to announce PS4 prior to E3

"We've squeezed nearly every bit of innovation out of the current platforms. Sony's timing was perfect"

NPD director joins EEDAR

Richard Ow starts new role with video game research firm as VP of sales and strategy

US console DLC tops $875m in revenues, 20m consumers

51 per cent of HD console owners have downloaded digital content

NPD and EEDAR to collaborate on new sales figures

Major US retail trackers join forces for better physical and digital numbers

Gamers return to PlayStation Store

Downloads up as they take advantage of Welcome Back programme

Mass Effect 3 named "most promising retail" title of E3

EEDAR names Bioware sequel in show review

EEDAR: 55% of 360 owners have purchased a downloadable game

Customers prefer DLC within three months of game purchase says research firm

EEDAR expands services with new hire

Mock reviews and feature analysis on offer as Erik Brudvig heads up a new division

EEDAR and Nielsen offer game marketing analysis

Research firms team up to advise on burgeoning $126m sector

IGC winners get extra $30,000 reward

Indie Game Challenge entries win EEDAR research tool bonus prize


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