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US Patent Office cancels “Edge” trademarks

A court order sees all of Tim Langdell's Edge trademarks canceled

Langdell kicked out of IGDA

Plus Edge Games boss' Associate Professor page on university website disappears

Final Langdell judgement issued

Edge Games ordered to notify bullied developers that it no longer holds trademarks

Langdell set to be stripped of 'edge' trademarks

UPDATED: Edge Games' attorneys agree to cancel USPTO registrations, Mobigame "glad it's over"

Mobigame may seek reparations from Langdell

iPhone dev claims fight against defeated Edge Games boss is "not over yet"

Court rules in favour of EA over "trolling" Langdell

UPDATED: Edge Games founder submitted doctored box art and magazines to support trademark

EA files counter-claim against "fraudulent" Tim Langdell

Publisher accuses Edge Games of deceiving US patent office

Edge Games files new lawsuit against EA

Tim Langdell seeking Mirror's Edge injunction and damages


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