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As one of the leading companies in the special subject of (social) community management for gaming and entertainment products, we are providing easy, flexible and scalable services and expert solutions to maintain, prosper and expand your brand community without raising your internal headcount!

We are especially experienced in how to overcome the challenge to embrace, engage and involve non-english speaking communities and closely connect them to your international brand when there is only a basic or even no territorial Community-, Content- or Information-Management at hand!

So, if you want to grow and manage your community or especially expand it (for example) to non-english speaking territories and therefore are looking for expert CM knowledge or seasoned Community Managers to start, expand or maintain official product pages, forums, boards, social networks, support CRM or integrate those and other, related areas into existing Community-, Marketing- and PR structures we are the ones to ask for! ### To give you an idea on how our services can work for you, please have a look at our Community Management intro slide:


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