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EA will not sell The Sims 4 wedding pack in Russia due to laws against same-sex marriage

Sims team says add-on will not be released anywhere that federal laws would require changes to storytelling

Catharina Lavers Mallet takes over as Maxis boss

Joe Nickolls steps down to spend more time with his family

EA partners with TBS for four-episode The Sims reality show

The Sims Spark'd will see 12 community personalities compete in creative in-game design challenges

The joyful representation of The Sims

EA Maxis senior producer Michael Duke on creating studio longevity, improving representation, and building a lasting franchise

Maxis and GLAAD collaborate to remove gender restrictions from The Sims

After a year in development, a free update will place The Sims 4 among the most gender positive games in the industry's history

Lucy Bradshaw leaves EA

Senior VP concludes 23-year stint at publisher as Maxis moves under EA Mobile's oversight

EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville

SimCity studio closed as franchise IP development redistributed to other studios worldwide

EA Maxis: SimCity offline took six months to complete

Simon Fox describes complicated process in adding long awaited feature

SimCity reversal: EA finally adding offline mode

Nearly a year after a disastrous launch, SimCity will be receiving a free update to install an offline mode as an option

The Sims 4 promises "single-player offline experience"

The always-online that tripped up SimCity won't be present in next Sims

EA brings SimCity to the classroom

SimCityEDU is a new EA-developed learning tool

EA Maxis opens new Finnish studio

Will focus on developing Sims titles for mobile

EA Maxis: PC isn't dead

Why SimCity lead producer Kip Katsarelis isn't afraid to back PC gaming

Report: EA jobs will go within Pandemic, Maxis and C&C team

Studios affected include makers of The Sims and Mercenaries

EA launches new Spore Facebook game

Spore Islands released exclusively onto social network platform

Will Wright expands into "play industry" with 3 new projects

Future is broader than console and social gaming, says Sims creator

EA cuts back staff at Maxis

Spore and The Sims team hit by layoffs, franchises unaffected says publisher

Spore most pirated game ever

EA Maxis' title breaks past the 1.7 million illegal downloads barrier to top the piracy chart

Spore breaks 1 million barrier

Will Wright's life sim title is "off to a great start"

EA threatens Spore ban for DRM talk

Publisher makes threats to lock players out of game for complaints over SecuROM...then back-tracks


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