Dreamlords Digital

Dreamlords Digital (DLD) is a full service game company that specializes in creating and bringing new worlds to life. From our visions and dreams, DLD turns them into reality, to be shared with everybody. DLD is dedicated to creating high-quality products as well as providing efficient and effective services to our customers in the gaming industry.

Founded in late 2009, DreamLords Digital is based in the Philippines. The company has a wide range of capabilities and services in 5 major divisions, servicing various segments of the gaming industry. They are: Game Development, Game Publishing, Game Process Outsourcing, Real Money Trading (RMT), and Social Networks.

Each division is a fully-functional business unit within DLD, while working hand in hand with other divisions in providing world-class service to the company's clients. It ensures that whatever the client needs, there are experts within the company whose core competence is best suited to fulfill them.

As a growing company, DLD is continuously improving its services, dedicated to ensuring that it will be able to provide what the clients need, as well as create and distribute entertainment products that our audiences want and need.


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