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Double Fine is "winding down" its publishing operation

Gang Beasts dev Boneloaf settles the open question of what is happening at Double Fine Presents

Tim Schafer: "I don't know if it makes sense to have a publisher within a publisher"

Double Fine founder says he isn't certain about the future of publishing arm Double Fine Presents following Microsoft acquisition

Microsoft's Double Fine acquisition results in early Psychonauts 2 investor payout

Rate is higher than original promise, but eliminates chance to earn more on greater success

Double Fine confirms no layoffs to publishing team after Xbox acquisition

Plans for Double Fine Presents are still "evolving," but it is committed to spotlighting original developers

Xbox closes E3 2019 conference with Project Scarlett, coming Holiday 2020

Hardware details, plus every major announcement from the platform holder's press conference

Tim Schafer: “I haven't made my best game yet”

The BAFTA-winning veteran discusses why the industry needs more experimental games, and how a 50-year-old white male can be a champion for diversity

Boutique publishers are the future of the indie games market

Devolver, Double Fine, Raw Fury and Buried Signal's Jason Roberts on how publisher identity can help indie games to rise above the noise

Double Fine appoints new Psychonauts 2 lead designer

Former design director at 2K Marin Zak McClendon joins team

Double Fine regains Iron Brigade publishing rights

Marks the occasion with bug fixes and new features

Double Fine's new adventure: Publishing

"We don't get any of their Kickstarter money. We don't take a chunk of their funding" - Tim Schafer

Double Fine warns indies against deep discounting

COO Justin Bailey argues for premium pricing to avoid the same fate as casual games

Want Double Fine for a publisher?

Broken Age developer looking for indie projects to support

Chris Remo leaves Double Fine

Joins new studio Campo Santo

Double Fine reacquires Costume Quest and Stacking rights

"Following a daring and top-secret midnight raid on the Nordic Games headquarters in Vienna"

How Double Fine left behind its "dark ages"

"Double Fine hasn't grown at all since Brutal Legend" reveals lead programmer

Double Fine needs more money to complete Broken Age

Tim Schafer explains he "designed too much game"

Double Fine: Suits "don't always know best"

We talk with Tim Schafer and Brad Muir about Massive Chalice and why the company remains unsure about Xbox One

Double Fine launches its second Kickstarter drive

Massive Chalice hopes to repeat the success of Double Fine Adventure

Double Fine: Consoles can win over devs with reason

Tim Schafer believes Sony is on the right track with more open PlayStation 4

Double Fine creating Dropchord for Leap Motion Controller

Double Fine, Leap Motion, and Dracogen team up for new title


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