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Psychonauts and surviving the publisher shuffle

Tim Schafer says the studio's experiences with partners aren't that unusual, addresses struggles of Psychonauts 2 publisher Starbreeze

Tim Schafer to receive BAFTA Fellowship

Double Fine's founder joins Carmack, Miyamoto, Newell and more as a recipient of BAFTA's highest honour

A different kind of indiepocalypse

Double Fine's Greg Rice and Tim Schafer talk about the parallel growth explosions of the indie games scene and the studio's Day of the Devs event

Tim Schafer: Crunch is "misguided and old-fashioned"

Double Fine boss says "I'd like to convince the world we don't need to have crunch mode"

Double Fine's Digital Archaeology

Having remastered Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, Tim Schafer explains why the industry needs to preserve its past better (and why it probably won't)

Inexperience as an advantage

The industry outsiders of KO_OP haven't had problems finding work-for-hire that lets them be themselves or publishing partners for the experimental GNOG

A peek under Tim Schafer's Fig leaf

Double Fine founder talks about skipping Kickstarter for Psychonauts 2 campaign, and the "baggage" of Early Access

Broken Age to break even for Double Fine

Tim Schafer says studio spent nearly twice as much on crowdfunded adventure game as it raised on Kickstarter, "will just about make that back"

Double Fine loses 12 staff

Publishing deal falls through but studio is optimistic about its future prospects

Metacritic "all but obsolete" - Double Fine

COO Justin Bailey says studio hasn't seen review aggregator or traditional gaming press impact sales

Schafer: How to stay afloat in "a pool of Internet Twitter hate"

Double Fine founder shares lessons from Broken Age Act 1, confirms funding secured for Broken Age Act 2

Double Fine reacquires Costume Quest and Stacking rights

"Following a daring and top-secret midnight raid on the Nordic Games headquarters in Vienna"

How Double Fine left behind its "dark ages"

"Double Fine hasn't grown at all since Brutal Legend" reveals lead programmer

Double Fine needs more money to complete Broken Age

Tim Schafer explains he "designed too much game"

Double Fine's Massive Chalice achieves funding goal

The studio's planned strategy game crosses $725,000

Double Fine: Suits "don't always know best"

We talk with Tim Schafer and Brad Muir about Massive Chalice and why the company remains unsure about Xbox One

Ron Gilbert bids Double Fine farewell

The designer departs with The Cave complete

The Year of Living Double Finely

From Kickstarter to The Cave, Tim Schafer reflects on 12 eventful months in the life of his indie studio

Double Fine and Words With Friends creator supporting Ouya

The Cave and Double Fine Adventure coming to the Android-powered console

Kickstarter made Double Fine "unafraid of being open"

Tim Schafer has come to realize "there's nothing to be afraid of" in letting gamers see how the sausage is made

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