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Loading the DICE: GM Patrick Bach

Two very different IP, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror's Edge, one studio. The GM explains how and why

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New head hopes to make FIFA, NHL, Madden less "iterative"

Söderlund: DICE begged for Battlefront

EA Games Label boss on DICE's passion for Star Wars

Tiger Woods, UFC, and Star Wars missing EA's fiscal 2014

EA launching 11 major titles over fiscal year 2014

DICE: "If it's a gimmick, ignore it"

Executive producer Patrick Bach on why there's no motion control in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 officially revealed

GDC 2013: EA & DICE show off the next generation of Battlefield

Patrick Liu leaves DICE for Rovio

Senior producer on Battlefield 3 moves to new Stockholm studio

DICE GM: It's about the games, not the business models

Karl Magnus Troedsson tells GDC Europe great games will survive change

Battlefield 3 designer Goldfarb joins Starbreeze

"I felt the best fit for me was Starbreeze and Overkill because they have a really interesting history"

Lead designer exits DICE

David Goldfarb moves on after 5 years with Battlefield studio

DICE: Rise of mobile is good for industry

Karl Magnus Troedsson says mobile gaming shouldn't be a problem for triple-A devs

DICE appoints Bach as temporary CEO

Swedish developer announces replacement as Karl Magnus Troedsson takes paternity leave

Battlefield 3 sells 8 million, ships 12

Eric Brown announces new sales numbers at SF conference

5 million sold for Battlefield 3

EA's fastest selling game ever, "unprecendented online activity"

EA's Gamescom press conference: The highlights

Plenty of announcements, but no release date for MMO SWTOR

DICE finalises 2010 Summit speakers

Schappert, Pitchford, Schafer, Jaffe, Garriott all added to Las Vegas event

Battlefield to keep dedicated servers

EA DICE responds to Infinity Ward criticism over third party PC network

Battlefield Heroes pushed to 2009

Senior producer James Salt says DICE will be shutting down the closed beta to focus on "polishing the backend"

Battlefield Heroes is effectively "already out", says DICE

Ben Cousins explains that the beta will grow, and there won't be a "big splash release"

Ben Cousins

The Battlefield Heroes boss on lessons learned from the beta, and designing for mass market PCs and new business models


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