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Death's Door hits 100,000 players in a week

Acid Nerve's title, published by Devolver Digital, released on Steam and Xbox Series X|S on July 20

Devolver Digital reportedly preparing IPO at 1bn valuation

The publisher could be floating on the London Stock Exchange by the end of the year, reports say

Solving the marketing mystery of Loop Hero

Faced with promoting an intentionally enigmatic game, Devolver Digital's Robbie Paterson drew inspiration from a Nine Inch Nails ARG and old PC gaming magazines

Devolver Digital brings in licensing specialist to work on Fall Guys

Fe Heyer brings experience from Dunlop Sports, describes Mediatonic's game as “a phenomenon rarely seen before”

Devolver Digital acquires Serious Sam developer Croteam

Publisher further cements partnership following decades of publishing deals

Devolver apologises for cancelling legitimate keys during clampdown on Fall Guys scammers

Those affected will be able to reclaim copy of popular combat-free battle royale

Mobile version of Fall Guys is a scam, Mediatonic warns

Several YouTube videos claimed you could play the battle royale hit on mobile

Former Ubisoft developers form new studio Beans

Dean Evans and Gabriela Salvatore team up to publish unannounced game with Devolver Digital

My Friend Pedro to get a TV adaptation

Legendary Television to develop game into an R-rated dramedy

Stadia exclusivity pushes PS4, Xbox One versions of Serious Sam 4 into 2021

Croteam's upcoming shooter will launch on Google's streaming service and Steam in August

Devolver on adapting to a world without events

Andrew Parsons talks about the indie publisher adapting its marketing strategy, what can and can't be done online

Self-help app "investigating" after accusations of stealing art, animation from Gris

Devolver Digital shares side-by-side comparison of Fabulous video, Gris gameplay and cutscenes

Suda51 and Swery collaborating on new game, Devolver unaware it's the publisher

Acclaimed developers say indie publisher offered $1 million for the project, which Devolver said is "news to us"

Deadtoast's My Friend Pedro nears 500k sales

Devolver Digital published game nears milestone on Switch and PC

Devolver: Publishing Weedcraft Inc "has been a nightmare"

Co-founder Mike Wilson says US marijuana tycoon title has been the hardest to bring to market due to industry resistance

Weedcraft Inc meets advertising, video blocks

Tycoon game about growing and selling marijuana has Facebook page restricted, YouTube videos demonetized

Balancing beauty and meaning in Gris

Nomada Studio's Roger Mendoza and Adrin Cuevas tell the unlikely story of last year's most visually stunning indie game

Devolver Digital names former Apple games business manager to lead mobile charge

Mark Hickey to address "clear, pronounced need" for publisher to expand its mobile portfolio

Not every game needs to sell 500k - Devolver

Co-founder Nigel Lowrie discusses how the publisher chooses its games and the importance of Gris as an "arthouse" title

Scum sells 700,000 in first week

Ongoing success for prison-themed survival game that's already been established as Devolver Digital's biggest launch to date


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