deltaDNA combines games industry heritage and extensive marketing analytics expertise to deliver dedicated tools & technology for gamers by gamers. We are passionate about game design and maximising the true potential of games on any platform by improving player experiences and leveraging big data technology for real time intervention. We work with publishers & developers throughout the world who use the deltaDNA platform to help them better understand player behaviours and identify actionable insights to personalise games. Our data shows that improving player engagement drives long term value. We’re an established team of data scientists, game designers and software engineers (plus management, sales and marketing types) with tonnes of enthusiasm for games and data. Lots of data!

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Exec brings experience from Rovio, Konami, EA, LucasArts, DeNA and SEGA

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New San Francisco base to spearhead growth in America

deltaDNA releases free, unlimited academic licence

Abertay University first to sign up for analytics tool


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