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Cold Iron Studios gets sold for the fourth time

Daybreak Games has acquired the San Jose studio, which is still working on an Alien game

Daybreak Games restructures into three studios

Dimensional Ink Games, Darkpaw Games, and Rogue Planet games to work on new and existing Daybreak properties

Daybreak Game Company suffers more layoffs

Company "realignment" leads to third round of redundancies in 18 months

Man behind Daybreak Games DDoS sentenced to two years in prison

Series of attacks against formerly-Sony Online Entertainment,, Dota 2, others also asked to pay $95,000 in damages

Daybreak Game Company back in control of H1Z1 battle royale spin-off

NantG Mobile abandons attempt to "revive" Z1 Battle Royale audience

H1Z1 Pro League shuts down - Report

Competitive league surrounding Daybreak shooter calling it quits halfway through inaugural season

H1Z1 reforms developer team, rebranding as Z1 Battle Royale

Daybreak plans to capitalise on game mode's popularity as closure of original survival version approaches

Nantworks invests in Daybreak Game Company, creates new joint publishing division

NantG Mobile to develop mobile versions of H1Z1 and Everquest, setting sights on esports future

H1Z1 reaches 1.5 million players on PS4

Daybreak Games' free battle royale hits milestone within 24 hours of launch

Daybreak insists it has no connection to parent company

UPDATE: Columbus Nova confirms it "never had any ownership interest" in H1Z1 developer

H1Z1 player base declines by 91% months before launch of pro league

UPDATE: H1Z1 Pro League not under threat, says general manager at Daybreak Games

H1Z1 Pro League announced for 2018

Developer Daybreak teams up with Twin Galaxies, promising "players-first" epsorts league

Daybreak puts up $1 million for H1Z1 eSports series

Elite Series events in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific will have $250,000 prize pool each

Daybreak to shut Landmark MMO in February

EverQuest Next spinoff got a full release in June 2016, but it will close next month

Early Access "good for our whole industry" - Daybreak

Laura Naviaux Sturr, Daybreak's chief publishing officer, on adapting to new business models and bringing H1Z1 into the world of eSports

Daybreak hires former EA VP Larry LaPierre

14-year EA veteran will serve as the H1Z1 developer's new senior vice president of games

Daybreak cancels EverQuest Next

"As we put together the pieces, we found that it wasn't fun"

H1Z1 becomes two games, neither free-to-play

"We want to make sure we give both titles the support they need and deserve to truly flourish"

Daybreak Games moves offices, expands role of Jens Andersen

New campus includes "fully-outfitted livestreaming studios"

John Smedley leaves Daybreak, heads up new firm

Executive moves on to mystery enterprise after stepping down as CEO


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