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Kenichiro Takaki departs Marvelous for Cygames

Senran Kagura producer resigns to work on new project following frustrations with restrictions on sexual content

Nintendo reportedly asks mobile partners to stop players from spending so much

Company concerned with being perceived as greedy, requests third party developers adjust microtransactions

Nintendo bringing new IP exclusively to mobile

Platform holder acquires five per cent stake in development partner Cygames

Cygames is doubling down on anime production

Successful Rage of Bahamut series sparked the foundation of a dedicated animation department

Cygames hires Square Enix veteran Akihiko Yoshida

Yoshida joins production subsidiary as company director, will also work with creative teams

Cygames invests 70m in Japanese indie project

Miracle Positive's Airship Q gets new funding from Rage of Bahamut developer


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