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Warface team splits from Crytek to form Blackwood Games

New studio will take over and continue development on Warface franchise going forward

Crytek and Improbable bringing SpatialOS GDK to CryEngine

Companies will collaborate on official GDK following Automaton's open-source integration for Mavericks: Proving Grounds

PlayFusion partnership brings augmented reality capabilities to CryEngine

Enhanced Reality Engine is industry's "most feature-rich and performant AR technology," says Crytek CEO

Crytek adopts royalties model as CryEngine 5.5 arrives

Developer will now take a five per cent share of earnings from games built with its technology

Crytek's Cevat Yerli steps down

CEO and president abdicates roles to serve as a "strategic shareholder"; Avni and Faruk Yerli appointed as joint CEOs

Crytek sues Star Citizen developers

Alleges Cloud Imperium is still using CryEngine, but studio will "defend vigourously" against "meritless lawsuit"

Former employee sues Crytek Istanbul

Head of game operations laid off in October, still waiting on severance pay

Crytek helping launch Crycash cryptocurrency

Developer says paying players who reach certain milestones in its games will be a cost-effective user acquisition strategy

Oculus: The Climb is Rift's best-seller to date

It's one of several titles that have made over $1m on the Oculus store alone, according to Jason Rubin

VR First and Crytek split

Educational initiative now fully independent and embracing vendor-neutral approach, plans to double AR/VR labs to 50 this year

Crytek sees yet more layoffs as it scales down

German developer is cutting 15 from its publishing team at its Frankfurt HQ

Crytek dropping multiple studios in wake of pay troubles

Developer will focus close all but Frankfurt and Kiev locations, focus on 'premium IPs' and CryEngine

Ex-Crytek dev crowdfunding legal fees to sue for unpaid salaries

Former FX artists claims he has not been paid since September, pay troubles began in May

CryEngine 5 business model is built on "appreciation and trust"

Crytek's 'pay what you want' strategy targeted at the "next wave" of game developers, says MD Avni Yerli

Crytek adds 6 new unis to VR First

Includes University College London and Manchester Metropolitan University

Crytek launches Film Engine VR production tech

Creative director Jean-Colas Prunier brings VFX experience from Avatar, The Lord of the Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy

Crytek's VR First initiative partners with IEEE

"Collaborating with the IEEE dramatically broadens the potential reach of VR First"

Microsoft, Crytek launch educational gaming initiatives

Mojang owner acquires MinecraftEdu as CryEngine developer launches VR First lab at Istanbul's Bahçesehir University


  • Grüneburgweg 16-18
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • 60322
  • Germany

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Crytek Budapest

  • Bocskai út 134-146.
  • Budapest
  • H-1113
  • Hungary

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Crytek UK

  • 122 Canal Street
  • Nottingham
  • NG1 7HG
  • United Kingdom

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Crytek Ukraine

  • 9/10-A Dovnar-Zapolskogo St
  • Kiev
  • 04050
  • Ukraine

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Crytek Seoul Ltd

  • Seoul
  • 135-920
  • Korea, Republic of

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Crytek Black Sea

  • District Mladost 4
    Business Park Sofia
    Building 5, Entrance A, Floor 5
  • Sofia
  • 1766
  • Bulgaria

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