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Rocksteady and Creative Assembly under fire over Video Game Tax Relief

TaxWatch UK highlights ways multinational companies are using scheme to shift profits

NetEase to publish Creative Assembly's Total War series in China

New partnership covers the whole Total War catalogue, including the China set Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms breaks Total War records with 1m sold

Strength in the Chinese market pushed Creative Assembly's game to a new launch week record

Creative Assembly welcomes David Bowman as studio development director

Former Telltale VP of production hired at Total War studio

Total War Arena going offline

Creative Assembly and Wargaming's free-to-play collaboration "did not meet all our expectations"; open beta will be shuttered after a year

Fighting a toxic Steam community - and winning

At Develop:Brighton, Creative Assembly's Grace Carroll said the "visible presence of moderation" was enough to turn around a toxic Steam forum in just a week

The technical artists balancing polycounts and visual quality

Games' greatest visuals might freeze computers and crash consoles if not for intensive optimisation by technical artists

Creative Assembly tackles "skills shortage" with ELAM partnership

Game Design course at East London Arts and Music has a curriculum designed and taught in partnership with the UK studio

Creative Assembly: How to maintain a successful games studio

The UK developer on crunch, studio culture and the secret to a healthy and happy team

A whole new battlefield: Why Creative Assembly wanted to make Halo Wars 2

UK studio targeted console development to win over a new generation of RTS players

Total War: Warhammer sells 500,000 in three days

Creative Assembly's latest is the fastest-selling Total War game ever on Steam

New hire roundup: Creative Assembly names Gareth Edmondson COO

New role for ex-Ubisoft Reflections managing director and Jeffrey Lin leaving Riot Games lead our first movers and shakers round-up

Creative Assembly Game Jam to return to EGX Rezzed

Teams of five will follow in the footsteps of Spilt Milk's Tango Fiesta at the Career Fair in April

Alien: Isolation exceeds 1 million sales

Critically acclaimed survival horror title reaches the 1 million sold mark after launching last October

Creative Assembly's Talented Miss Ripley

Alien: Isolation lead designer and senior producer talk scary aliens and shower scenes

Creative Assembly director temporarily heading up Relic

CA studio director Tim Heaton is Relic's interim general manager

Total War goes free-to-play with Arena

Creative Assembly creates its first free-to-play title

Sega wields Warhammer

Publisher has Total War dev Creative Assembly adapting Games Workshop's fantasy franchise

David Icke attacks Sega

Battle to access song rights owned by Creative Assembly

Total War dev calls 70 percent of games "not good enough"

Renaud Charpentier wants developers to focus on design and prototyping


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