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Chucklefish Games

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Recent articles about Chucklefish Games

Chucklefish apologizes for Wargroove's whitewashed voice casting

Developer says it made decision based only on audio files, pledges to be more sensitive in the future

Stardew Valley creator clarifies relationship with Chucklefish following exploitation accusations

Eric Barone reiterated that he was the game's only developer and that he “believes in compensating developers”

Stardew Valley switches to self-publishing on most platforms

Chucklefish to remain at the helm for Nintendo Switch, mobile versions

Starbound sales pass 2.5m

Chucklefish's sci-fi adventure reaches sales milestone in six months, next update will expand on space gameplay

Starbound prospers from Early Access, but others fall short

Chucklefish could work for years on upfront revenue, but Early Access and Kickstarter disappointments are piling up

Starbound dev: We're a bunch of nerds

Community manager of Chucklefish Molly Carroll talks new offices, publishing and crafting in space


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