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"I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard talks Spyjinx, JJ Abrams and how there could be a "bloodbath" in the VR market

Chair's Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Infinity Blade III developer excited for iDevices' living room potential, addresses increasing time and cost of mobile development

Ex-IGN EIC takes Chair

Hilary Goldstein joins Infinity Blade developer as integrated media manager

Infinity Blade franchise breaks $30m barrier

Chair sees massive return after just 12 months

Apple demos iPhone 4S capability with Infinity Blade 2

A5 chip and dual core CPU means 7x graphical performance

DeNA to release free-to-play Infinity Blade in Japan

iOS title goes co-op and multiplayer with added micro transactions

Infinity Blade brings in $10m for Epic and Chair

Plus UDK installations double following release of iOS support

Epic: No Infinity Blade on Android for now

UPDATE: Google needs to exert more control before platform is consistent enough

Chair: App Store should support more high-end games

But Infinity Blade studio says Apple is coming around to gaming and "looping" industry into new developments

Cutting the Mustards

Chair Entertainment's Donald and Geremy talk Infinity Blade, iPad 2 and the App Store

Epic's Infinity Blade turns over $1.6m in 5 days

Unreal engine game is fastest-grossing App ever

Epic names iOS project as Infinity Blade

Will share world with Epic Citadel and use Unreal 3 muscle

Epic acquires Chair Entertainment

Epic Games has acquired Chair Entertainment, developer of the XBLA title Undertow

Undertow dev gets Ender's Game sci-fi rights

Undertow developer Chair Entertainment has signed the rights to create titles based on author Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game sci-fi series.

Epic's Unreal Engine signed for new XBLA title

Chair Entertainment has signed a deal with Gears of War developer Epic Games to licence the Unreal Engine in upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Undertow.

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