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Chair Entertainment

Sorry, but we don't have a description for this company yet.

Recent articles about Chair Entertainment

"I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard talks Spyjinx, JJ Abrams and how there could be a "bloodbath" in the VR market

Chair's Donald Mustard on the Apple console threat

Infinity Blade III developer excited for iDevices' living room potential, addresses increasing time and cost of mobile development

Ex-IGN EIC takes Chair

Hilary Goldstein joins Infinity Blade developer as integrated media manager

Infinity Blade franchise breaks $30m barrier

Chair sees massive return after just 12 months

Apple demos iPhone 4S capability with Infinity Blade 2

A5 chip and dual core CPU means 7x graphical performance

DeNA to release free-to-play Infinity Blade in Japan

iOS title goes co-op and multiplayer with added micro transactions

Infinity Blade brings in $10m for Epic and Chair

Plus UDK installations double following release of iOS support

Epic: No Infinity Blade on Android for now

UPDATE: Google needs to exert more control before platform is consistent enough

Cutting the Mustards

Chair Entertainment's Donald and Geremy talk Infinity Blade, iPad 2 and the App Store

Chair: App Store should support more high-end games

But Infinity Blade studio says Apple is coming around to gaming and "looping" industry into new developments

Epic's Infinity Blade turns over $1.6m in 5 days

Unreal engine game is fastest-grossing App ever

Epic names iOS project as Infinity Blade

Will share world with Epic Citadel and use Unreal 3 muscle

Epic acquires Chair Entertainment

Epic Games has acquired Chair Entertainment, developer of the XBLA title Undertow

Undertow dev gets Ender's Game sci-fi rights

Undertow developer Chair Entertainment has signed the rights to create titles based on author Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game sci-fi series.

Epic's Unreal Engine signed for new XBLA title

Chair Entertainment has signed a deal with Gears of War developer Epic Games to licence the Unreal Engine in upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Undertow.

Office details

  • 108 West Center Street
  • Provo
  • Utah
  • 8460
  • United States

Contact details


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