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Firewatch film is still alive, now being made by Snoot Entertainment

Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder join Campo Santo co-founders to produce movie set in Wisconsin wilderness

In the Valley of Gods "on hold" indefinitely

Former Campo Santo devs now at Valve have moved to other projects, including Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx was conceived as a VR title first, and a Half-Life game second

Team members say upcoming VR entry is being built by team members from across Valve, including former Campo Santo devs

Campo Santo retains freedom, flexibility under Valve

Development on In the Valley of Gods will continue as before, but with more support

Firewatch studio Campo Santo is now part of Valve

Work on its second game, In the Valley of Gods, will continue from Valve's Bellevue office

Firewatch dev starting his own studio

Ex-Campo Santo designer Nels Anderson launches Caledonia "to make a sweet video game"

Campo Santo legally able to file DMCA against PewDiePie over racial slur

But court costs to enforce could be "well over six figures" so dangerous defence for indies and smaller studios

PewDiePie racial slur sparks backlash from Campo Santo, Simogo

[UPDATE] Prominent YouTube streamers brace for fallout from "liability" PewDiePie's actions

Worldbuilding on a budget

Developers behind Owlboy, Nuclear Throne, and Firewatch compare notes on how they built their games' back stories and the ways fans filled in the blanks

Firewatch passes 1 million units sold

Campo Santo's acclaimed debut reached a major milestone in the last days of 2016

5 things devs should know before trying a narrative exploration game

Firewatch designer Nels Anderson explains why he hates the term "walking simulator," and why they're harder to make than you might think

Firewatch headed for the big screen

Campo Santo partners with Good Universe for game-and-film projects; adaptation of developer's hit indie game up first

Firewatch has sold 500,000 units since launch

Panic Inc. recouped its investment in a single day, wants to partner with Campo Santo on another project

Playing with Firewatch

Designer Nels Anderson on marketing a narrative-focused game without ruining the mystery and how much short games should cost

Firewatch out-sold Campo Santo's "wildest expectations"

Sales performance of debut project ensures US indie will continue for some time yet


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