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On the eve of the 75th VE Day, we explore how developers engage players in military conflict

Bulkhead Interactive announces $650,000 investment into esports

Battalion 1944 dev expands esports offering and suggests more future investment

UK industry needs to get gaming graduates up to scratch | Opinion

The industry needs to work with universities to stop the shortfall in graduate talent, says Bulkhead Interactive CEO Joe Brammer

Batallion 1944 passes 250,000 sales on PC

Bulkhead Interactive celebrates milestone by dishing out free war chests to players

Battalion 1944 developer Bulkhead Interactive opens new Munich studio

Original Derby studio will be rebranded Bulkhead Phoenix, while German branch will be named Bulkhead Darkhorse

"We want Battalion 1944 to change the shooter genre - even if it fails and dies"

Bulkhead Interactive's Joe Brammer on how an indie-developed FPS can stand toe-to-toe with Call of Duty

"You need a publisher to survive on Steam"

Bulkhead Interactive's Joe Brammer says games need to be "something really special" to succeed organically


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