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From Wikipedia: ' do something with "bossa" is to do it with particular charm and natural flair, as in an innate ability.'

Bossa Studios is a games studio poised to disrupt the status quo where 'social games' use friends as resources rather than building meaningful gameplay-based interactions between them.

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"2018 is going to be the year where gamers take the power back"

At the Slush conference, Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester predicted that next year will be great for gamers, and another disappointing one for VR

Chet Faliszek's AI-powered tactical shooter (that's not about shooting)

The Valve writer discusses why he joined Bossa and how he wants players to tell their own stories

Bossa scraps Decksplash after free weekend failure

Skateboarding title struggled to attract 100,000 players during open beta experiment

Bossa hires Half-Life, Portal writer Chet Faliszek

Celebrated scribe joins quirky London studio after $10m investment

Bossa Studios hires new CMO

Journalist-turned-PR Tracey McGarrigan to head up marketing efforts for Worlds Adrift developer

Bossa returns to multiplayer roots

Henrique Olifiers explains why Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread don't represent the studio's future, and why the studio took VC money for Worlds Adrift

Bossa nets $1.35 million for Worlds Adrift

London Venture Partners funding to help Surgeon Simulator studio create ambitious Improbable-powered MMO sandbox game

Bossa Studios: Whole new worlds

Sky whales, grappling hooks, floating islands, the indie studio is having fun with Improbable technology

"Be ruthless with your own ideas" - Bossa

CEO Henrique Olifiers reveals what lessons developers should--and shouldn't--take from the I Am Bread studio's success

Surgeon Simulator sells 2m copies

Bossa's game jam scalpel story a success

Don't design games for YouTube - Bossa

Co-founder of Surgeon Simulator studio says virality is a side effect of novel design, not a goal in itself

Thumbstar and Bossa sign distribution deal

"They care about quality as much as we do"

Bossa appoints Ian Livingstone, Andy Payne, David Lau-Kee as advisors

Surgeon Simulator dev creates board of advisors as it seeks further growth

Sony and Bossa sponsor Stand Up for GamesAid

"It is a rallying point for the industry and brings people together to contribute to important and deserving charities"

Thomas Was Alone heading to PlayStation

Console version to feature commentary, DLC and cross buy

Bithell leaves Bossa to go it alone

Thomas Was Alone dev gives up the day job to become a full time indie

Bossa: Social games "will be like the Atari Eighties crash"

Copycat tactics frustrate Monstermind developer

Bossa Studios: Anti-Social Gaming

Social's upstart start-up on solving core games on Facebook, and the superstar designer helping it to get there

Bossa head predicts early death for PlayStation Vita

Monstermind dev believes "walled garden" hardware is destined to fail

Sony vice president Hayama joins Bossa Studios

The Last Guardian producer moves to Shine's social games developer

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