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Blitz Games is one of Europe’s leading independent video game developers and has won numerous awards for its games, technology and business practices.

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Dizzy Returns won't meet funding target

"In order to meet that we'd need over £40,000 pledged every day"

UKIE sponsors Blitz students

Blitz Games Studios Open Days attendees can apply for aid with travel expenses

IndieCity halfway to 100 game target

Revenue share for indie site will increase if Developer Challenge met by the end of year

Vaizey supports new IT curriculum

Minister for Culture Communications and Creative Industries appears on Newsnight to discuss education reform

Dates set for Blitz Games Studios' 2012 Open Days

Registration open for students interested in working in the industry

Blitz Games closes 1UP initiative

Marketing costs and Steam's "random" decision making process cited as key factors

Blitz's Blake now deputy chair of Computer Games Skills Council

Kim Blake "focused on improving skills across the games industry"

TIGA is 10: Looking Back

Jason Kingsley and Philip Oliver on the evolution of the organisation

Blitz Games Studios' Philip Oliver

The CEO talks Kinect, looking after employees and the ever-changing market

Diversity vital to independent success, warns Blitz

Broad portfolio is essential to tackle changes in a fickle market, says CEO

Blitz/Creative Assembly announce Dundee sessions

UPDATE: Sega studio is the latest to set up an RTW talent scout event

New DS could "accelerate" other 3D gaming formats

UPDATE: Blitz CTO theorises 3DS could use 'parallax barrier' screens; "consumers want radical change"

Blitz Games' Andrew Oliver

Reports on the 3D showing at CES, the success of Avatar and Sony's 3D gaming technology

New staff recruited to Blitz Games' growing 1UP programme

3 new titles signed to label, response is "fantastic" says Blitz director

All About 3D - Part Two

Andrew Oliver discusses the problems of selling the 3DTV format and the need for standardisation in the industry

All About 3D - Part One

Blitz CTO Andrew Oliver goes in-depth on the company's latest project - putting 3D into games - and some of its challenges

3D to cost "extra 10-15%" on game budgets

But Blitz CTO Andrew Oliver feels challenges are worth it for "very cool things"

Blitz doubts self-publishing dream

Oliver suggests platform holders want too much money from indies looking to publish digitally

Next Dimension

Blitz CTO Andrew Oliver discusses the race to establish the company at the forefront of 3D console gaming

Blitz: We'll beat Hollywood to 3D TV

UK developer intends to work with TV manufacturers at retail to showcase capabilities of 3D TV

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  • CV32 5TX
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