Established in 1996, Bitcasters has a well-earned reputation among industry, academia and world leaders for exceptional insight and innovation. The company has been instrumental in the success of interactive departments and initiatives at some of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies. Amongst other achievements, Bitcasters co-founded Miramax New Media, created, one of the world’s first user generated content sites, and launched Universal Music’s 'bluematter', the world’s first major-label secure digital music format.

Bitcasters has also been active in technology innovation, Internet-based campaign innovation and policy development in support of international governments and world leaders, including former Prime Minister Paul Martin and former United States Vice President Al Gore.

In addition to award-winning animated television and music video products, Bitcasters has more than 20 web and casual games to its credit, having created top-rated and most-played titles for companies such as Disney, The Family Channel and Cartoon Network. These award-winning games have been played in aggregate over 100-million times.

Over the last ten years, Bitcasters has grown from a new media services shop housing its original co-founders – Nathon Gunn and Duane Wall – to a respected international media production company. Today the company is focused entirely on creating original intellectual property, funded through retained earnings, employee investment and outside agencies.


  • 364 Richmond St W. 501
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • M5V 1X6
  • United Kingdom

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