BioWare Edmonton

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BioWare contractors looking to unionise no longer required to return to the office

Alberta Labour Relations Board has ordered the unionisation vote

Unionisation pushes reveal the industry's inequalities | Opinion

The pandemic has lit a spark under unionising drives across the industry -- but years of labour casualisation and abuse of sub-contracting relationships built up the tinder pile

Keywords staff at BioWare Edmonton look to unionize

United Food and Commercial Workers Canada Union files to become bargaining agent for outsourcing firm's QA staff

Dragon Age senior creative director leaves BioWare

Matthew Goldman departs after 19 years at the studio

BioWare names Gary McKay studio general manager

Industry veteran to oversee Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer

Anthem delayed to 2019 - Report

BioWare devs tell Kotaku the studio is feeling the pressure of EA's expectations and YouTubers' anger


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