Bioware Mythic

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"I don't want to gloss over the real human cost of the project's failure"

Mythic shutting Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Free-to-play title did not meet financial goals

BioWare Mythic changes name to "Mythic"

New name is significant of a "new focus" at the studio

Creative director departs Bioware

Daniel Erickson says goodbye after 6 years

Eugene Evans: A Survivor's Guide To Games

Bioware Mythic's general manager on a brighter and more diverse future for the games industry

BioWare launches free-to-play Ultima

Recognises "a fundamental shift underway in how gamers play and pay for games"

Analysts predict 3 million sales for Star Wars MMO

Bioware's MMO outperforming Starcraft and Cataclysm in pre-order market


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