BioWare Montréal

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EA merging BioWare Montreal with Motive

Combined team has over 100 new hires, will be working on Jade Raymond's new IP

Report: Andromeda's poor reception sees Mass Effect put on hold

Bioware Montreal staff and resources focused elsewhere for now

Chris Schlerf confirms move from Bioware to Bungie

Writer swaps work on Mass Effect: Andromeda for Destiny storytelling

BioWare introduces new Mass Effect leads

Developer lays out Montreal staff in charge of next game; Halo 4 scribe brought on as lead writer

Which next-gen features matter?

Second-screen, motion controls, virtual reality; BioWare Montreal's Ian Frazier tells devs how to figure out which ones are right for them

Layoffs at Electronic Arts

Publisher confirms some cuts, denies report of Montreal operations shutting down entirely

BioWare Montreal working on next Mass Effect

BioWare switches studios and engines for the next Mass Effect

Creative director departs Bioware

Daniel Erickson says goodbye after 6 years

BioWare confirms new IP, more Mass Effect

Mass Effect and Dragon Age will be joined by…?


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