Welcome to the 3D virtual world of Bin Weevils! – A unique virtual platform where kids can have entertainment through 3D multimedia experience.

At Bin Weevils we focus not only on the fun element, but also develop a friendly and engaging environment which brings social and educational values to kids using brain games, or teaching them about time and budget management.

We encourage children to create and look after their own avatar ('weevil'), and explore all the opportunities the virtual world can offer: chat and socialise with friends, play games, watch cartoons, read books previews in the virtual library, enter competitions, create their own virtual business, and much more.

When it comes to kids, we follow a process of 'listening' to children’s needs, and developing creative solutions to help kids entertain and educate. We also take kids’ online safety very seriously. We’ve come up with an unique online safety system, which monitors kids’ online behaviour, educates them on avoiding bad language, and taking precautions like warning and banning where needed.

At Bin Weevils kids will never be exposed to advertising of brands who promote unhealthy lifestyle – we make sure our advertising solutions will have educational benefit for children. This is why we teamed with campaigns like 'Catch it, Kill it, Bin it' (NHS), Road Safety (TFL) or Online Safety campaign (COI).

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