Belfast Metropolitan College

Belfast Metropolitan College has over 53,000 students enrolled on full-time and part-time courses, making it one of the largest colleges of Further and Higher Education in the UK.

We offer students the opportunity to select from a comprehensive programme of full-time Further and Higher Education courses in a wide range of disciplines. In addition, the College provides a full range of adult education courses in its buildings across the city, including around 140 outcentres.

The vast majority of our courses lead to nationally validated qualifications, and we are proud of our well-established links with local and national universities as well as with employers, ranging from a wide variety of SMEs to large multi-national organisations.

We are committed to providing a quality learning experience to all of our students. Members of staff are highly qualified and experienced, regularly updating their qualifications and industrial experience to ensure the quality and relevance of our programmes.

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  • Belfast
  • County Down
  • United Kingdom

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