Behaviour Interactive

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Behaviour pushing beyond work-for-hire roots

VP of creative David Osborne explains how the studio moved to self-publishing original titles like Dead by Daylight and Deathgarden

Warner Bros surprised by Bethesda's “baseless accusation” in Westworld lawsuit

Publisher claims developer Behaviour Interactive has confirmed allegations are untrue

Bethesda sues over Westworld mobile game

Publisher alleges that Fallout Shelter developer Behaviour Interactive re-used copyrighted code when it created "blatant rip-off" for Warner Bros.

Behaviour Interactive buys Dead by Daylight publishing rights

Developer acquires the game it made from its publisher

Behaviour closes Santiago studio

Developer of Fallout Shelter and Dead by Daylight lays off about 30 with shuttering of Chilean shop formerly known as Wanako Games

Codemasters owner Reliance partners with Behaviour Studios

Alliance formed to co-publish mobile-based movie tie-ins


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