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Bedlam Games Inc. is an independent, venture capital backed developer of next generation console video games located in Toronto, Canada. Bedlam's mission is to deliver original AAA titles borne of exceptional design, fostered by meticulous planning, and realized by a world class team.

The studio was formed in 2006 by a seasoned group of industry professionals from top-tier companies such as Rockstar, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft who are united in their belief that games can be developed differently.

Bedlam is devoted to the proposition that (i) the most talented, passionate and focused team; (ii) empowered, respected and supported with the right tools; (iii) provided with unparalleled work environment; and (iv) guided by intelligent design, careful planning and straightforward stakeholder relationships - will deliver the best possible game to consumers.

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  • 55 Mill Street,
    The Stone Distillery,
    Bldg 5, Suite 300
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • M5A 3C4
  • Canada

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