BASE Games Outsource

Providing outsource video games design and testing services.

We specialise in working with smaller games developers, with restricted team size, so that we can offer support where time or expertise may be dedicated to other development tasks. Our diverse range of games testing and games design services allow us to be flexible around your needs, offering a complete and individual package.

Our games design services range from simple text authoring, such as writing Manuals and in-game text, to higher-end games design such as gameplay balancing and game mechanics.

Our games testing services cover basic play testing all the way through to full QA testing, including Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii certification.

BASE also offers critical feedback, looking at your video game project from a fresh unbiased perspective and providing a report of suggestions to help you tweak and improve your game.


  • 903 Ecclesall Road
  • Sheffield
  • S11 8TL
  • United Kingdom

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