Baobab Planet

Baobab Planet is a new concept of game. It's a series of multi-platform experiences where children from different places in the world can have fun, mix and strengthen their skills. Parents can also get involved in their child's development, to be on the same wavelength as them.

On Baobab Planet we design and develop multi-platform experiences to strengthen children's skills through play. We focus on creating fun and enriching narratives.

For parents, we design spaces for online collaboration on multiple platforms through Baobab Planet. This means that parents can get to know the content and tools that enable them to get involved and participate in the development of their children's skills, interests and talents through play.


  • Edificio Testa Sant Cugat
    Avda. Alcalde Barnils 64-68, 4 planta
    Parque Empresarial Sant Joan
  • Barcelona
  • Sant Cugat del Valles
  • 08174
  • Spain

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