Autodesk, Inc., is the world's leading supplier of advanced 2D and 3D design, digital content creation, and project collaboration software tools, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk MapGuide, Autodesk Buzzsaw, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya

Recent articles about Autodesk

Autodesk to cut 1,150 jobs amid restructuring

Software and 3D tools firm is shifting towards a subscription model

Autodesk acquires Solid Angle

"Will allow us to help customers better tackle this computationally intensive part of the creative process"

Autodesk restructuring, 925 lay offs planned

"So we can focus resources on areas that will accelerate the move to the cloud"

Autodesk launches new game engine

"The games industry is undergoing a major transition, which poses new complexities for both AAA and indie game developers"

Autodesk makes its software free for schools

Educators and students now have free access to key game development tools

Autodesk acquires Shotgun Software

"Deep expertise and industry-leading technology in cloud products and production management"

Autodesk acquires Bitsquid and its engine

"Bitsquid will revolutionize real-time exploration of complex data"

Autodesk Scaleform offered free to Project Anarchy users

Users of Havok's 3D mobile engine benefit from Autodesk's UI solution

Autodesk aims to make tools more affordable and accessible

We speak to the toolmaker about targeting mobile, and tackling the challenge of platform fragmentation

Autodesk launching Scaleform for iOS, Android

The user interface middleware will be available for mobile game development

Quantic Dream adopts Autodesk for next project

"HumanIK will help us achieve more realistic animations," the developer says

AutoDesk acquires staff, technology from GRIP Entertainment

Middleware company expands AI capacity with new investment

Autodesk and OTOY team up for next gen tools

"Next significant step in Autodesk's efforts to advance rendering, cloud, and compression technologies"

Autodesk: Standardised technology "a matter of time"

Games VP Marc Stevens believes stable technology will promote creativity and bring down costs

Blue Sky Thinking

With Project Skyline, Autodesk's Marc Stevens and Eric Plante are bringing the disparate worlds of art and programming together

Autodesk's Matthew Jeffery

The talent acquisition expert on skills and education in the UK

Jeffery urges positivity on UK development strength

Autodesk's new talent chief underlines "great talent" - which industry should be championing

Autodesk announces 2012 versions of 3ds Max, Maya

Entire dev tools range updated, including SoftImage, Beast and Kynapse

Autodesk makes offer of $36 million for Scaleform

3D software giant looking to expand gaming capabilities

Autodesk sponsors Global Game Jam

Middleware company to provide tools for IGDA's game creation weekender


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