Aurora Feint Inc

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GREE buys OpenFeint for $104 million

Cross-platform social network sold to Japanese social business

OpenFeint launches cross-platform social APIs

iOS, Android, Windows Phone can share leaderboards, friends lists

"Rumours of Game Center hurting OpenFeint exaggerated"

OpenFeint adoption up 119% since Game Center launch, claims chairman

Intel puts $3m behind OpenFeint

Cross-platform Game Center rival now boasts $12m in funding

Gaikai and Open Feint among top 50 tech startups

Four Square and Tiny Speck also place on Dow Jones' list of promising businesses

OpenFeint goes live on Android

Social service allows cross-platform play on iOS and Android smartphones

Aurora Feint unveils Android/ iPhone cross-platform play

OpenFeint Playtime also integrated with iOS Game Center

OpenFeint connects iPhone and Android games

New invite system goes live on iOS today, with Android rollout later this year


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