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Why I hate fun | Opinion

ArenaNet's John Hopson has spent a career applying "fun scores" to games -- here's why the practice needs to change

ArenaNet co-founder leaves to start new studio

Mike O'Brien departs Guild Wars developer to "make small games again"

ArenaNet bracing for layoffs

Update: Layoffs confirmed to have occurred today as part of organization restructuring

ArenaNet pulls plug on in-game transactions for Guild Wars 2 players in Belgium

UPDATE: MMO developer joins growing list of games companies forced to take action in Belgium over recent loot box ruling

Writing the video games of the future

ArenaNet narrative designers Aaron Linde and Alex Kain discuss VR, and what they see as the future of interactive storytelling

Playing the long game with Guild Wars 2 storytelling

Narrative designers Alex Kain and Aaron Linde discuss the challenges and advantages of longform storytelling in an MMO

ArenaNet "promised me that I wouldn't have to check my identity at the door"

Fired writer says Guild Wars studio has damaged its reputation, but ArenaNet maintains that Jessica Price "attacked" community over a "perceived slight"

ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages

Guild Wars 2 studio terminating employees after backlash discourages fan interaction, encourages player outrage

ArenaNet cuts ties with Guild Wars 2 writers after Twitter spat

UPDATE: "We are committed to fostering open, constructive dialogue with our community" reads ArenaNet statement

Ubisoft's Jason VandenBerghe joins ArenaNet

VandenBerghe steps up from creative director roles to become director of design at the Guild Wars studio

Game industry coming around on story - Hoyer

ArenaNet narrative head says growing budgets have publishers understanding the need to get players invested

Subscription-free Guild Wars 2 coming to China

"Guild Wars 2 China will be synchronised with the worldwide version of the game"

Guild Wars 2 marketed more like HBO or Netflix than Call of Duty

On the game's one-year anniversary, [a]list daily speaks to ArenaNet's global marketing head about the game's success

Guild Wars 2 gets seven live dev teams

Lead designer Colin Johanson details development structure going forward

Guild Wars 2 sells 2 million

NCsoft's subscription-free MMO passes milestone two weeks after launch

Thousands of Guild Wars 2 passwords hacked

Update: Stolen passwords and email addresses used to access unspecified accounts

Guild Wars 2 tops ten European charts

ArenaNet MMO dominates sales across Europe

Critical Consensus: Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet delivers the most compelling MMO in years, and a strong argument for the death of the monthly subscription

ArenaNet boss: None of us are sleeping very much

Mike O'Brien on the Guild Wars 2 launch, competing with free-to-play and Reddit

ArenaNet signs deal to take Guild Wars 2 to China

Forms partnership with KongZhong Corporation in one of the biggest licensing deals for a Western game in China


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