Applifier helps social game and app publishers of all size to grow their social applications through cross promotion. Over 100 awesome apps trust us to promote their application to over 55 million monthly active users on Facebook.

Applifier was originally founded as a social game developer called Everyplay, that launched two titles on Facebook (Kamu World, a virtual world, and Kamu Town, a city building game). While getting ready to launch Kamu Town in early 2010 we started to think about ways to help it grow. The outlook wasn't great with Facebook virality being toned down and ad pricing climbing rapidly. Everyplay did not have venture funding, so we looked for ideas that would help us bootstrap growth without affecting the bottom line.

Thus the idea was born to create a cross-promotion network for indie developers.

Applifier is free as “you don't pay any money to use Applifier“. We do charge a commission on the clicks exchanged through Applifier. When you exchange 100 clicks through Applifier you earn 100 clicks minus our commission.

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