Established in 1976, Apple is a multinational corporation (corporate headquarters based in California) that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers.

Apple's best-known products include Macintosh computers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

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Epic vs. Apple is losing PR steam | Opinion

Sensible rulings in Epic's legal dispute with Apple have pared the case back to its core question -- and shown just how disruptive Epic's demand really is

Epic vs Apple case may have "serious ramifications" for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox

Court order prevents Apple from blocking Unreal Engine until dispute is settled but Fortnite remains banned on iOS

Epic Games vs Apple trial set for May 2021

It's uncertain at this stage whether the trial will be conducted in person or virtually

US House committee says Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook engaged in monopolistic behavior

Investigation recommends stronger antitrust actions, but requires Congressional approval for further action

Epic and Apple decline trial by jury

Apple withdraws demand for jury from countersuit as both firms look to court to settle Fortnite dispute

Epic vs Apple judge calls for trial by jury

Trial could begin in July 2021 at the earliest, still no ruling on whether Fortnite can return to iOS

Google to make third-party app store use easier with Android 12

But it's also doubling down on its requirements that it get a 30% cut of Play Store sales

Apple launches online store in India this week

The Apple Store will offer official products and support to Indian customers for the first time, starting Sept. 23

Microsoft still determined to get Xbox Game Pass on iOS

Xbox boss Phil Spencer also says the platform holder plans to "leave ZeniMax alone" following $7.5 billion acquisition

Apple presses court to deny Epic's request for lift on Fortnite ban

iPhone maker reiterates argument that this situation is of Epic's own making, says Fortnite firm is "a saboteur, not a martyr"

Apple bundles Apple Arcade in with other subscription services via Apple One

Individuals can get Apple Arcade, Music, and TV+ for $15/month

Apple revises platform rules to explicitly allow games streaming, but with a catch

Update: Microsoft speaks out against Apple again, saying iPhone maker's process remains a "bad experience for customers"

Apple goes on offensive in Epic Games lawsuit

Update: Apple's official login system will work with Fortnite "indefinitely" but users are encouraged to update Epic accounts

Epic Games wants court order to reinstate Fortnite on iOS

Unreal firm files another preliminary injunction to "stop Apple from retaliating" during antitrust case

UK government's Digital Services Tax misses its target

Apple and others share the weight of 2% tax aimed at major tech firms with developers, sellers, and advertisers

Apple terminates Epic's developer account as promised

However, Unreal Engine on iOS remains unaffected thanks to restraining order

Epic wins restraining order against Apple but Fortnite remains blocked

Judge says Epic has yet to demonstrate antitrust, but agrees that "serious questions do exist"

Apple opposes Epic's restraining order, says dispute is "completely avoidable"

iPhone maker claims damage to Fortnite and Unreal is self-inflicted, says Epic has not proved Apple is a monopoly

Microsoft files statement supporting Epic Games against Apple

Xbox firm says Unreal Engine is "critical technology" and blocking it on iOS "will harm game creators and gamers"

Epic Games turns Apple dispute into Fortnite event

Upcoming #FreeFortnite Cup will feature anti-Apple prizes as iOS users prepare to be blocked from updates

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